Amjad Mahmood Bashir MEP

Amjad Mahmood Bashir
Amjad Mahmood Bashir is a Member of the European Parliament for the Yorkshire and the Humber region for the UK Independence Party. He was elected in 2014. Bashir was born in Pakistan and moved to Yorkshire aged eight

I’m the son of a mill worker who I joined in smog filled but vibrant Bradford, West Yorkshire back in the good old days of 1960.

Although born in the newly independent but part of the British commonwealth country of Pakistan, I came to Yorkshire as soon as I could. I was then only eight years old.

One of my first recollections is of being sent outside to play with the local kids whilst the door was firmly closed behind me.

My father’s reasoning was simply that In order to succeed in my new homeland I had to learn English, embrace the British culture and understand the history of the people who inhabit the islands that make up Great Britain.

Whilst my father worked tirelessly in the mills I concentrated on my education. After only a few years of not only excellent but inspirational teaching, I managed to gain entry at The University of Bradford to study for a degree in Chemical Engineering.

This education and career I was not to pursue because my father had started a small business which I decided to join. Since then, I have founded and run several businesses, to various degrees of success. I have always been interested in history and politics but since I had to support not only my family but all my employees, I could not be active in politics.

A few years ago when the businesses started to expand in a major fashion I started realising the negative impact of the European Union. Every where I turned, I encountered bureaucracy and red tape which acted as a hinderance if not a total road block to expansions and job creation.

That is when I discovered UKIP and I have thrown myself into this new career and now as a newly elected MEP I can work harder to remove my country from the EU so that we can win back our sovereignty, control our borders and trade with the wider world.

We can, once again become a great trading nation and reengage with our commonwealth group of nations with whom we share history, language, British common law and not forgetting cricket.


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