Rt.Hon. Mohammad Sarwar MP
webmaster / 06.04.2020

Mohammad Sarwar

Born 18.08.52, Fasilabad, Pakistan.
Four children.
BA in Political Science, English and Urdu, University of Faselabad.
Previously a Company Director (United Wholesale Grocers Ltd and United Homestores Ltd).
MP for Glasgow, Govan since 1997. Member of Scottish Affairs Select Committee. Councillor (1992 - 1997). Member of Labour Party Scottish Executive (1995 - 1997).
Member of the UK Overseas Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, the Ethnic Minority Enterprise Centre and the GMB.
Played major part in successful campaign for Govan shipyard in Parliament and across Scotland. Considerable experience in charity fundraising and has undertaken charity abseils down Glasgow Marriott Hotel and the Finnieston Crane.
Britain's first Muslim MP and Scotland's first ethnic minority MP.

Rt.Hon. Mohammad Sarwar MP
Ch Sarwar presenting his book to Sadiq Khan MP (Candidate for Mayor of London).