Riaz Khokhar Mian

Riaz Khokhar Mian
Riaz Khokhar Mian is an Author and Poet of "PAKHOO", a Punjabi book of poems published in Lahore.

"PAKHOO", a Punjabi book of poems by Riaz Khokhar Mian, a Pakistani poet and teacher has been published in Lahore. Punjabi is the language of the most populous province of Pakistan. It is also spoken by a large number of people in India's Punjab state. The word "pakhoo" is used in Punjabi for birds and is associated with their flights in solitude.

The book contains 16 ‘Kafies’ – (a ‘Kafi’ is a kind of poetry which in its formation and structure, is similar to a sonnet in English poetry), 50 poems, songs, maheaes and 13 ghazals.

It is the first book written by Khokhar who has been teaching history at Pakistan Education Centre for the last 11 years.

Basically an Urdu poet, Khokhar started writing in the Punjabi language in 1993. His book of Urdu poetry Iztrab is also in the process of publishing.

Courtesy: Gulf Times

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