Community activists

Ahmed Waris Nizami is most certainly a pioneer of Urdu journalism in the United Kingdom. He is not only a seasoned journalist but also a political analyst, a television host and anchor for some very popular news and current affair shows; he has also practised law and specialises in UK immigration matters.

Salma Yaqoob (born 1971) is the former leader, and former vice-chair, of the Respect Party and a former Birmingham City Councillor. She is also the head of the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition and a spokesperson for Birmingham Central Mosque. On 11 September 2012, Yaqoob confirmed in a statement that she had left Respect.

Sajjad Haider Karim is a Member of the European Parliament for North West England. Elected on 4 June 2004, Karim became the first British Muslim in the European Parliament. Sajjad H Karim is one of nine MEPs representing the North West of England.

Sadiq Khan is the Member of Parliament for Tooting, where he has lived all his life. He was first elected as MP for Tooting on 5th May 2005 and was re-elected on 6th May 2010. Sadiq Aman Khan was appointed Minister of State for Communities by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, making him the second-ever British Pakistani to serve in the UK Government.

Ghayasuddin Siddiqui is an academic and political activist. He was born in Delhi, India, migrated to Pakistan in late 1947 and moved to the UK in 1964. He has been leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, which he co-founded in 1992, and director of one of the oldest Muslim think-tanks in Britain, The Muslim Institute, which he co-founded in 1973.

Nahim Aslam is a British Pakistani businessman and a Food Guru who has won several awards for his achievements to promote authentic Pakistani cuisine in the UK. A gentle and approachable man, Nahim is like the proverbial swan; cool, calm and graceful on the surface but pedaling and working hard below it. Never complacent, Nahim continually strives for the next challenge, the next venture, the next exciting step for the Indian Ocean.

Clr Hassan was born in Lahore, Pakistan but moved to Manchester in 1984. The new Lord Mayor brings to the office a diverse range of employment experience having worked in the city as a factory worker, taxi driver, in security and hospitality management. Hassan has also been particularly active within the GMB Union and served as both a race and community liaison officer for the Lancashire region.