Ghulam Rasul Shahzad is indeed a versatile person. He is shouldering quite a number of responsibilities in his different roles and capacities. He is sociable, friendly and a committed person who goes all the way to extend his help and assistance to individuals and the wider community alike. His personal achievements On 6 December 2004, Mr.Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to a reception, invited him where he met him personally.

Ziauddin Sardar (Urdu: ضیاء الدین سردار‎; born 31 October 1951, Pakistan) is a London-based scholar, writer, cultural critic and public intellectual who specialises in Muslim thought, the future of Islam, futures studies and science and cultural relations. Prospect magazine has named him as one of Britain's top 100 public intellectuals and The Independent newspaper calls him: 'Britain's own Muslim polymath'.

Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith (born 30 January 1974) is a British-Pakistani TV, film and documentary producer and founder of Instinct Productions, a television production company. She was formerly a journalist and associate editor of The New Statesman, a British political and cultural magazine, and European editor-at-large for Vanity Fair. Goldsmith married Pakistan's now (2020) Prime Minister and former cricketer Imran Khan in 1995 and had two sons, Suleiman and Kasim.

Adnan Nawaz is a British news presenter of Pakistani descent, currently working for the BBC.

Born in Pakistan, Nawaz graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Economics and International Relations and then completed an MA in Latin American Politics at the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London.

Aamir Ghauri is a London based journalist of Pakistani origin. From April to August 2008, he was the Director News, Dunya TV, an embryonic news channel in Pakistan. Previously, he was the European Head of News and Current Affairs for Geo TV - Pakistan's most-watched satellite channel worldwide. Before joining Geo in March 2005, he worked for both Pakistani and international news media including the BBC.

Reham Khan Nayyar (Pashto/Urdu: ریحام خان‎; born 3 April 1973) is a British Pakistani journalist. She is the wife of Imran Khan and currently hosts the current affairs talk show In Focus on Dawn News. Khan was born to Dr Nayyar Ramzan, a physician. She is an ethnic Pashtun, belonging to the Lughmani tribe, and hails from the Baffa village in Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Her parents moved to Libya in the late 1960s, where Reham was born in Ajdabiya in 1973.

Allama Azeem Gee who is the General Secretary of the International Na’at Association (UK), a member of Ruiyyat-e-Hilal Committee Britain and Secretary-General of Justice for Jammu and Kashmir, needs no formal introduction. He has full command of the sciences of mysticism, spiritualism, astronomy, numerology and astronomy, numerology and astrology.